Friday, October 19, 2007

je me souviens

Dear Quebec,

I'm sorry, as I know you're all really nice guys, but Majorca made you look like rank fucking amateurs tonight.

Love Brendan

Ps. If you keep referring to your band as "Kew-Beck" instead of "Keh-Beck" (or, even more correctly, "Kay-Beck"), I will lock you all in a room and make you listen to the speeches of Rene Levesque until you learn to adaquetely respect Canadian francophiles.


Samuel J. said...

Y'know, we're all entirely aware that the province and city is pronounced differently to the way we pronounce our band name. ;)

We're also very, very, VERY aware that Majorca shit all over us. :)

TJ said...

rubbish brendan, rubbish.