Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ok, so there are a lot of new bands around that i totally, totally love: fear like us, 731, majorca, cut sick, the diamond sea (aka slow signal, aka milky joe and the sweet chinchillas). but i gotta say that i'm incredibly excited about the resurgence that 2001 is making at the moment. leith is talking about booking a true radical miracle tour, flesh vs venom are playing shows and writing songs again after taking what seems to be years off for maternity/paternity leave, kody and marcus are talking about a battleaxe discography, and even ninetynine have deigned to play shows in their own country. these are the kids who, in their various incarnations (red divide, vivian girls, the aforementioned bands, kokoshka, george w. bush, paul of blood), got me excited about music way back in the day. these days they're starting to seem their ages - shows are punctuated with cracks about bad backs and families, rehearsals happen at times that fit around jobs and not vice versa, tours are short - but that just makes me like them more. hell, i got a real job and a bad back too.

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