Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm An Aeroplane.

My friend Leith, along with a couple of other excellent dudes, runs Sabbatical records, so occasionally I get hooked up with noise/experimental/ambient cds before everyone else. Such is the case with the new Pikelet EP Pre-Flight Jitters, which landed in my lap before French class on Thursday night, but which isn't being launched til tonight. I'm quite happy about the two extra days listening time. The record is quite a departure from Evelyn's earlier works - quite considerably darker, in fact. I'm enjoying the difference - while I do enjoy her last record, it's pretty heavy on the cute, and it's a rare mood when I feel cute-friendly. This EP, however, seems like a percussion-driven Ennio Morricone, thick with thumps and thwacks that I can't quite identify (at one point it sounds like coconuts being clapped together - though perhaps that's due to my childhood overexposure to Monty Python), and with vocal sounds that are textual rather than, you know, based on words. And that's the kind of stuff I can lap up any time of day. The show is at Forepaw Gallery tonight at 8. You should get there.

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