Sunday, February 10, 2008

ruining melbourne, one restaurant at a time !!!

so i found out late last year that there have been some rumours going round that i've ruined don don. how so? well, in terms of the vegan-ness of their vegetarian meals. now i have to say that i did not ruin don don!!!!!!!! i have never even been there and don't even know where it is ..... i hardly ever eat in the city.

okay, now i got that out of my system, i'd just like to say i'll be contributing here every so often with information on places around melbourne that appear to be vegan friendly but actually have death amongst their vegetables.

i do have a bit of a reputation for this as in the past i have found a number of places, where the meals aren't what they say they are. sometimes it is the wait staff's fault. sometimes people aren't sure exactly what to ask for. lying about allergies to certain foods always helps me get what i want.

i don't care if i ruin a place or what anyone thinks, it's for the animals. they have no choice in their suffering and imprisonment but with every single meal, we have a choice in where we eat. we have SOOOOO many vegan options in this fine city of ours that there is no room for excuses.

oh and i might occasionally post food photos too. i like them alot. i like food alot.

okay, here are a few places for now:

+ yoyogi: last time i was there, all we could eat was the agedashi tofu with no sauce, just the tofu. they put fish stock in the broth and also fish flakes (bonito) on top. the eggplant (dengaku) was okay as well. just miso paste on top.
unfortunately alot of miso soup has fish stock in it though.

+ alaysia: last time i was there, which was years ago, after inquiring, it was revealed that they put dairy in the sauces. ugghhh

+ food cube: close friends of mine told me that this place really doesn't know what's going on in regards to vegan food. they were given butter and other items on the plate were questionably not vegan.

that'll do for now. add some more if you know of them....

on a positive note, more people need to head to port melbourne and check out bowl of soul. they are all vegetarian and have lots of vegan options with vegan cheese !!!! also, lots of people already but just incase you didn't, the east brunswick club is now doing vegan meals too and there is a new italian vegetarian cafe opening today, on lygon street called vege2go. i haven't been there yet but have seen their menu online and they appear to have some vegan options !!!!

**disclaimer: i am not to be held accountable for any of these places but this is merely a guide to being more aware of what's really going on behind those kitchen doors..... things do change and different wait staff say different things. so just ask more questions !!! (for the animals.....)


Anonymous said...

fuck it I give up being even just somewhat vegan because of your ruin everything crusade ... back to Rod Roster for me... beeeyawk.

Anonymous said...

Haha...yes yes, ruiners! Remember too - Soul Mama's substitute dairy when they run out of vegan options alledgedly, and sadly Trippy Tacos has gone over to the dark side and now offer chicken as another option on their 'vegetarian' menu :(