Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Joe Hill At The Mic.

Today is a strike day and I have once again been featured on the news butchering rock classics in the name of politically-themed entertainment. I want to assure everyone that I play absolutely no part in either selecting these songs or rewriting the lyrics to fit the occasion. I am, however, tired of having to deliver songs so old that Gold FM would be ashamed to have them on their playlist. If anyone could possibly suggest singalong compatible tunes whose lyrics lend themselves to the need for teachers to receive more pay, it would be great if you could suggest them here.


Mel said...

What songs do they get you to sing? They have to be old ones, don't they, so the old teachers can sing along to them?

brendan said...

list of songs bludgeoned to near death so far:

the wall
bad moon rising
bound for south australia

Natasha said...

Will you be picketing?

What about Hold The Line by Toto?