Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They Make The Rocking World Go 'Round.

The two greatest things to ever happen in my entire teaching career have taken place at the school I currently teach at. The first was nearly two years ago now. My entire class (three students) ran out on me, but hit the play button on the stereo first. I was left all alone in the classroom listening to Living On A Prayer, which I've already written about at length. The second greatest ever moment took place today. A teacher was away and I was forced to take biology class. The kids walked in, glanced at me, and immediately realized there was going to be no learning biology today. "Brendan, I feel a little bit Freddie Mercury today," one said. I encouraged him to continue. He began to sing the first few lines of Bohemian Rhapsody. Eventually another kid joined in. Then another kid. By the second "Mama!" even I had joined in. We sung the whole song, from the soft bit at the start, through the scaramouche bit in the middle, to the metal bit at the end, completely a capella.

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