Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Devil Put Aside For Me.

Like the album cover says, "Caution - Digital Sound Effects!" That sound of your mind exploding? That's because you know it's time for the Friday Round-Up!

Hey, BikeFest is still going on, and tomorrow is their picnic day. It's supposed to be sunny all day, so take your blanket and your wicker basket down to the Abbotsford Convent and chat with other bike-obsessed folks. There's also a Cake Bake competition of some description. Cake Baking competitions are the one competition in which the spectators seem to fare better than the competitors. No one wants to take their cakes home afterwards! Check it out here.

In a bit over a week there's also some bike-related activism going on. Now, I'm usually skeptical about bike-related activism, but leading off your spiel with, " It’s like Earth Hour, only more useful. It’s like a critical mass ride, only effective." certainly does enough to win me over. Sign into Facebook and check out more about BikeHour.

My friend, designer of most of the DDCX flyers, and one of the best people in the known universe, Tara Jayne, is also bringing this sweet band called HIRS out from the states to play some shows. Unsurprisingly, they're playing with some of my favourite bands around, including Useless Children and Shit Weather. Check out some more information here, then get your ass down to the shows.

The Bendigo Madison is also on this weekend. Man, I'm so bummed to be missing out on this. I can't even go watch, because my obviously inconsiderate brother is getting married at the exact same time the Madison starts. Anyways, if you can get up there, it's a hell of a weekend, and the field - once again - is fucking DEEP. That's gonna be some world class racing right there.

And, finally, we're on Facebook too! Make sure you follow us there and on Twitter. Occasionally we update the social media with stuff we think might get us sued if we post it here. Therefore, it's a little funnier. We also sometimes update it when whatever bike race we're watching on TV gets boring, so it's also often a little more current.

That's all for this Friday. Enjoy the holiday weekend, suckas!

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facebook... you sold out man!