Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind.

Sweet baby Jeebus, it's another Friday Roundup!

That picture above is a tasty hint of things to come. Because ladies and gentlemen, today I have an announcement to make. As of next Monday, the Monday blogpost will be known as Heavy Metal Monday, and will be written by our very own FJ. Positing on life, cycling, metal and everything in between, with a slew of hilarious catchphrases that put ALF to shame, FJ will bring to the blog his unique point of view and an impressive knowledge of homo-erotic, fantasy-inspired metal lyrics. If you see him on the streets, give him a high five.

Since the UCI were generous enough to afford me a press pass to the world track champs, I figured I should cut my teeth on a smaller event, the way Cadel Evans cuts his teeth on Tirreno-Adriatico. So I got in touch with some of my good friends at Cycling Victoria and asked them if I could also have a pass to the Austral. To my unceasing surprise, they too said yes. That was pretty sweet. I would've gone anyways, and probably would've written about it anyways, but to be able to do so for free is sweet.

Despite the fact - or perhaps because of the fact - that I probably won't be racing for another six months or so, the Fitzroy Revolution have once again offered me a spot on their team for coming year. With a growing number of Revolution riders heading down to the track, perhaps in the hope that they might finish a race without being totally covered in mud, you'll likely see us rolling as a posse sometime soon. I also occasionally write for the team blog, which you should check out here. Though my review of Assos Chamois Creme, in which I speak at length about how much I like the tingly menthol feeling on my nads, is strangely yet to appear.

On to coming events: The Sid Patterson Grand Prix / Melbourne Madison is on this weekend, and the lineup is pretty close to incredible. I'll be down there, sitting in the back straight, heckling my old mate Shane Archbold about his mullet and generally being an obnoxious jerk. You should totally come. Bring snacks.

Also happening over Easter weekend is the Australian Cycle Messenger Championships. A quick perusal of the entry list indicates that Safa Brian is likely to win, but who knows what will happen on the day? Besides the race there will be an entire Holy Week full of drinking, debauchery, dubious moral decisions and probably some bicycle riding. Check it out here.

And that probably sorts us out for this week. It's been a long week, but next week, on Monday, I'm going to do something I haven't done for nearly a month. I'm going to go for a bike ride. If you'd like to come, get in touch. Don't let the fact that it's only going to last fifteen minutes deter you.

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