Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Same Old Story.

Just press play.

Ok, now that you've been belted around the ears by the best damn Jewish White-Boy soul going, welcome to another La Musique Mercredi (Simon and Garfunkel edition).

This next one is probably one of my favourite songs ever, full stop. I know, I know. But it's tough trying to be XHARDCOREX twentyfour / seven. Please don't allow how dorky (and disturbingly affluent) the audience looks deter you from what is a pretty amazing song.

And, better still, here's how it came together. I never realized the undercurrent of bitterness in the lyrics, but in hindsight, that's probably why it resonates so much. Essentially it's a song about missing people, right? And an inarguable part of missing someone is being a little bit pissed off that they're not there, that they've prioritzed something over being with you.

Or maybe that's just me.

Fuck, that was deep. Here's a little bit of fun to make up for it. I never realized how rad this clip was when I was a kid. That's Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie at the start! With Paul Simon, the original gangsta!

Here's the same song, but performed on Sesame St! Man, that kid is as cute as all hell.

I wish Sesame St still had such freaking cool musicians on it.

Oh wait, they do.

Although Feist kinda sucks, other the song above, and this duet with The Constantines.

The Constantines, as you know, are perhaps my favourite existing band. Perhaps. Anyways, one time they were playing in Montreal at some invite-only Vice Magazine party. I was about to leave for Melbourne in a few months, and knew that this would be the last chance I would have to see them in ages. So I went up there to try my luck.

"Sorry guy, it's invite only."
"Ah, carn mate, I came all the way from bloody Australia for this show! Strewth!"
"I'm only one bloke, mate! Fair dinkum!"

He let me in.


nat said...

was it you about 6 years ago discussing that we should start a simon and garfunkel garage rock cover band?

brendan said...

no, but hell yeah!

nat said...

if only either of us played a musical instrument.