Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your Mama Won't Know You.

Mosey on over this a ways, pardner. It's time for the Friday Roundup.

First pony in the ring is the Austral, which is totally this Saturday. TDR superstar and friend of The New Timer Solution Steve will be racing, and is so chronically underconfident that he totally needs you to come down and lend him your support. May your obnoxious heckling be the wind beneath his wings.

On a non-cycling note, I've mentioned Vegan Warrior Emily Jans before, but I'm going to mention her again, because she's just started her own blog. Somehow deftly managing to tie together the seemingly disparate worlds of being a punk, a vegan, and an elite level athlete, click through to get an insight into Janno's world. I especially like her Feature Fans section. I'd copy it for this site, but after I wrote about FJ I'd be done. And I already gave him his own column.

And while we're on the topic of rad links, some loveable doofus I know started up this blog after being inspired on a wet ride to the gym - a ride he only had to make because I wouldn't come out of my way to pick him up. Now that the weather is getting colder, it seems appropriate. I'm morally opposed to Tumblr, but I'll make an exception here. Oh, and maybe for Chaz's, which I actually read, almost as much as I read Yo, Is This Racist?

As well as the Austral, tomorrow brings us a cornucopia of bike related events. Anyone would think it's still BikeFest or something! Tomorrow evening there's a rad BMX jam... Tomorrow arvo there's the aforementioned Northside Knowledge... And, of course, there's still the Chasing Rainbows exhibition that every man and his dog is blogging about. I'm pretty sure this is the last weekend of BikeFest, so enjoy it while you can.

Last of all, friend of The New Timer and total superstar Rachel Oakenfull is undertaking some kind of crazy-distance ride in order to raise money for epilepsy. Apparently her four year old nephew has the condition, so it's personal. I'm not usually one to donate money to individuals, preferring to share my hard-earned with organizations that actively work to bring down the systems that oppress us all, but every now and then I'll make an exception. Having reached her initial fundraising goal, she's now increasing the distance of said ride by ten kilometres for every hundred dollars raised. Currently this blog gets about 150 hits a day. Even factoring in that 100 of these are from FJ, if the rest of you kick in ten bucks each, that's an extra fifty kilometres she has to ride. For someone who's not a psycho cycling type like some of us, that's an intimidating addition. Go donate here in order to make a young girl suffer, and also to raise some money for an excellent cause.

And that'll do for today. Enjoy the weekend, dimebags!

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