Tuesday, April 24, 2012


You know, I asked Sean The Man to do today's post, and he sent me a bunch of stuff on Facebook, but for some reason he got cut off mid-message. Seriously, the story reads, "This one time we lined up at a toll booth," and then just stops. If anyone out there reading this lives in Shepparton, can you please ring up your local electrical services provider and make sure he's alright? Just ask if Sean The Man is there. They'll figure it out.

All I'm really listening to at the moment is Jawbreaker, but like my friend Rina says, too much Jawbreaker is a sure sign that something is going pretty wrong. So instead I'm going to play some of my favourite rainy day music. Because it's raining. See what I did there?

The first is the opening song from what I think is the best rainy day record ever, The Constantines 'Tournament of Hearts'. When the weather is a bit dreary and I've just knocked off work, there's no other record that I want to listen to.

But when I don't have to go to work, when it's rainy and cold and I don't want to leave the house, I tend to instead lean on my collection of downbeat hiphop. And when it comes to downbeat hiphop, you really can't go past The Roots 'Things Fall Apart', which was the first non-Public Enemy record I ever bought.

While they're generally downplayed by legitimate hiphop fans, perhaps due to their commercial success, I also really rate The Fugees. Lauryn Hill is an excellent rapper, Wyclef is at his quirky brilliance, the layered production is second to none, and I love the million different pop culture references.

And a little bit of Nas doesn't hurt. I only have this record on Vinyl, which is fun to say, but kind of annoying in real life. If anyone can link me to a sweet download, that'd be rad, because I've tried and failed to find one. Here's another one from the early days of Brendan. Jurassic 5 got kinda terrible - too many years on the festival circuit will do that to a band - but this first EP is really very, very good. And, lest you think I stopped listening to hiphop in the 90s, here's a recent, undeniable classic.

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