Monday, April 23, 2012

Look Beyond The Colours.

I can't fit in a proper Heavy Metal Monday post this week.  Sorry folks.  Instead, I'll present you with some of the songs from the records I've been listening to for the past week or so. There are some who say that death metal and river dance don't mix.  These people are of course incorrect.  It fucking rules.  Tell me this doesn't make you want to walk the land, brandishing a claymore. While I certainly don't have the xedgex, like Brendan, my experience with hallucinogens  is extremely limited.  That said, I love me some stoner doom.  If staring at a door for five hours and speaking to God is your thing, I can think of no better sound track. If you like walking through the forest with a cape, pretending you are a wizard which, for the record, I do...then Burzum is the sound track to go for. Emperor are probably one of the best bands in the world.  That is all. Sometimes, I don't listen to metal.  Sometimes I pretend I am a jock who wears baseball caps back to front and very baggy shorts.  Then I listen to Bane.

I just had a chat to Brenno who called me a lazy fuck for ripping off the Musique Mercredi on a Monday.  He has a good point.  I might get fired.

But, bear with me here.  I'm currently totally obsessed with trying to make my music match my riding surroundings.  For instance, yesterday I was riding out beyond Belgrave on one of the Melbourne Gravel Grinders.  Gravel roads, huge trees, lush ferns.  Bit of mist.  Man, it's as if that stretch of road was made for some Wolves In The Throne Room (look them up, thank me later).  Certain records can come to define a particular stamping ground.  Because of that, some of your music then takes on a more complex character.  It begins to remind you of all those thousands of km you spent out on the road.  And that's kinda rad.

So, hopefully, you find something to your liking, and can do some musical exploring of your own.  Maybe some of that music will come to define a stretch of road.  If not, then, well, keep listening to Coldplay.  I don't care.

If you need me I'll be riding through Kinglake, blasting Emperor, pretending I am a wizard.

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