Friday, April 20, 2012

Parking Lot. Movie Screen.

Hey hey, no more of this melancholia, it's time for the Friday Roundup!

You know what else it was yesterday? Chaz' birthday. Chaz is genuinely one of the smartest guys I know, but is also one of those folks who is incredibly determined not to let anyone see that. Probably because he thinks I'll call him a wanker when he does. Which I probably would.

Leith emailed me the other day and told me that prior to their record release shows, True Radical Miracle received more hits from The New Timer than they did from Three Thousand. That's awesome. I'm glad my readership has such good taste in music.

Wanna talk dirty for a bit? With the coming rain and colder weather there's a bunch of mud n dust related events coming up. First of all, and most urgently, there's the Women's Skills Sessions that my exgirlfriends over at Dirty Deeds Cyclocross have organized. Run by Australian representative and alleged foot fetishist Lewis Rattray, these are sure to get everyone involved totally psyched on Cyclocross for the winter ahead.

In other Cross related news, my totally wicked awesome friend Molly Hurford has just been commissioned to literally write the book on it. Check out her website and her progress here, and don't forget to check out her rad work with CX Magazine.

And, finally, though I've been a bit of a smartarse about Gravel Grinders - "We just used to call them bike rides" - I am totally stoked on them, because I do legitimately prefer riding on the dirt, and would be out there myself this Sunday if I was in any way able. Say hi to Blakey and Angry from me.

We got a lot of stuff coming up here at The New Timer, including more guest posts, which I like a lot, because it means my fingers get a rest - after the Trackworlds I seriously had bruises. But I've also got an appearance coming up at the Emerging Writer's Fest, a spot on 3CR's bike radio show, and a few other things. Befriend us on twitter to get the inside skinny before anyone else does.

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