Friday, April 27, 2012

You'd Build Infinity, But I'd Build Light.

Friday Roundup time, and even though I still had to work until knockoff today, it's an 'Afternoon Off' theme. Because there's nothing quite like cutting out of work early, leaving those folks at work behind you, the stresses and activity of your place of work still buzzing as you leave the building.

So, onwards and upwards. First mention goes to my friend Jen Jen. She's not doing anything in particular, but she did just tell me that sometimes she goes to the pet store at Northcote Plaza to talk to the bunnies. And there seems to be some disassociation between her perceived internal and external dialogues, because the staff apparently often overhear her saying things like, "Oh, look at you, little munchkin, I'm going to take you home and lovelovelove you!"

Truth be told, there's not a lot going on. It's winter, right? Things are calming down, folks are pairing off, huddling together for warmth and barely leaving the house. Events are pretty slim on the ground. So instead I'll just post a bunch of rad links to blogs that I think are amazing. That way you can still feel part of a community, without even leaving the house.

An exception to this is the Emerging Writers Festival. Pulled together by previously mentioned radcat Lisa Dempster, there's a few cool things going on within the festival parameters, including this event, which I've been invited to. There's a nerd theme, and I get to talk about bike nerds. Expect lots of cracks about sock length. You should totally come.

My friend Teagan is also pretty rad, and has a blog to match. I very rarely say this about anyone, but Teagan is truly, definitely unique, and writes to match. Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes confrontational, but never uninteresting, you should wander over there and let yourself get swept up. She also has this latenight solo dance procrastination project, which is also worth checking out, and perhaps even submitting to. I haven't seen anything like it since Nat Graf got us all to write loveletters to Daniel Larusso.

Holy shit, I can't believe I found that blog. You try searching "Daniel Larusso" and "Love Letter". That submission from Mel Campbell was amazing. Nattie told me the one from me made him feel like he finally understood what it was like to be my girlfriend. He said it made him feel dirty, which I believe is a pretty accurate representation.

And finally, just in case you do feel like leaving the house, good friends and most excellent band Infinite Void are launching their debut record at the Gasometer tomorrow night. And they're playing with the always amazing Useless Children. That's a hell of a show, and I will totally, absolutely be there. I'd drag FJ along too, but I believe he's spending the whole weekend in the gutter at the Tour of the South-West. So head on down and make sure I don't look like that lonely guy who spends the whole time between bands pretending to be interested in whatever records some former punk is selling at the back of the room.

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