Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brusha Brusha Brusha

You would think with the glut of design students floating around, generally annoying everyone with their pseudo-hipster styles, that the toothbrush companies would have employed at least one of them. But unfortunately they seem to have employed a bunch of preschoolers with a love of gaudy colours and sparkles to design their entire range of toothbrushes. Or maybe the Wiggles.

The toothbrush I want to buy is clear, with a long handle with no brand name etched into it or finger grips. I would also like the bristles to be the same length and the head to be a standard rectangle. I do not wish to see the following features: tongue scrappers, pulsating or flexible heads, ergonomically designed handles, sparkles, glitter, bristles that fade when you need a new toothbrush, diamond shaped heads, or Buzz Light Year motifs. Not hard people, not hard.

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