Saturday, January 19, 2008

These Arms Of Mine

One of the benefits of shooting your mouth off half cocked is that occasionally people give you stuff in the name of proving you incorrect. Such was the case yesterday, when Leith handed me a bunch of drone cds. I think I'm supposed to give them back, but I may keep 'forgetting' to do so. It strikes me that drone is in a lot of ways comparable to free jazz, in that you have to let go of nearly all your ideas about what music should be and just, you know, roll with the experience. And I guess, even though when I'm weary I depend on singsongy rhythms and basic chords, I can see how electronic soundscapes could be relaxing. Special mention at this point must be made of of Default Jamerson, which is kinda killer.

1 comment:

Leith said...

Told you so.

You will have to give me back those CDs though.

More info on Default Jamerson at