Sunday, January 6, 2008

Raspberry Beret

Due to some post holiday season grumpiness I haven't really been to many shows lately - the crustfests on over the new year period didn't really appeal, and there hasn't really been much else on offer. Wandered up to the UV Race / Majorca show on Saturday, braving the heat and impending appearance of Assassination Collective on the bill. Sat outside for nearly the entire show, only venturing in to see Majorca play. And they were good, as per usual.

There are, however, some freaking sweet shows coming up. The Defiance, Ohio bandwagon should be rolling into the country sometime this week, and making their way down to Melbourne on the 17th, staying for two shows, bringing all of Fear Like Us with them. And perhaps equally as exciting is the show coming together that Saturday night at the Arthouse, with 731, Jaws, Straightjacket, Agents of Abhorrence, Extortion and - hold your breath - Mindsnare. God, I don't think I've seen Mindsnare since they were called Mad Circle.

I read in the paper the other day that Melbourne's rate of growth - in terms of population - is faster than any other Australian city, and by 2018 it will have taken over from Sydney as the country's biggest. Do your bit to help out that weekend by convincing all the members of Extortion and Jaws, as well as the Newcastle contingent of Fear Like Us, to move here. Then not only would Melbourne be number one sooner, but we'd also have a near monopoly on sweet bands. Perhaps someone could have a quiet word to I Heart Hiroshima too.

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