Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Often On, Often Off.

I bump into Tara at Brother Baba Budan this morning and she elaborates on her text from last night: Majorca will be playing a house show in Brisbane, with the Diamond Sea and I Heart Hiroshima (look at me, providing links today!), around the time that Live and Let DIY is on. Now, the shitty thing here is that the weekend that all this glorious stuff is happening is also the weekend immediately following my first week back at work. So right now I'm asking for recommendations: do I risk the wrath of my boss (who already hates me due to the copious amounts of anarcho-syndicalist propaganda that spew forth from my office) and take a couple of sick days, or do I just wait until IHH wanders back down the east coast for a Melbourne show?

Further to the other day's post about Melbourne's booming population, a Business Council of Australia study released yesterday shows that it is actually increasing by one thousand people a week. That's a fucking lot of people. My hope is that they're all vegan - or at least vegetarian - and will cause an explosion in Brendan-friendly eateries.


riva said...

brendan, if you really do like IHH as much as you make out, and if they are in fact playing a house show, as tara claims they are, then jump on that, dagnabit!

IHH are awesome live, however they are unfortunately almost always billed on overpriced, garbage lineups in often horrendous venues where they regularly fall around midplace in the running list - leaving you hanging as to when, precisely, their set will be. i guess this has to do with them being on a 'real' label and the ever pressing need to ladder climb, or some such.

book your flight today. i'll call in sick, if you like.

cola said...

chuck a sicky...DUH!!