Friday, June 1, 2012

Can You Name, Name, Name, Name Them All Today

Alright, I know it's late (I said I know it's late), but regardless, here's the Friday Roundup. It's going to be a short one, because I'm at my sister's house in metropolitan Lockwood South, and their internet ain't the best. It feels funny, reporting on events happening in the city when I'm miles away from it, but I'll give it a go regardless.

So, DISC is open again, as of yesterday, and as such Brunswick racing will be back indoors next Tuesday. Dave Morgan has already got in my ear about bringing some sweet tunes and doing some commentary, so it's apparent that they're trying to make an event of it. Regardless, it'll be slightly warmer, and that's the main thing.

Hamish from the DDCX people's soviet hit me up today to see if I'd be prepared to do the commentary for the CX this year. Despite me feeling a lot like the CX is my exgirlfriend, I said yes. Hell, it's sometimes in our best interests to see our exgirlfriends around, to take them out for coffee, to stop and chat in the street. I spent two years with cyclocross, and those two years must count for something. And, like my exgirlfriends, I'm legitimately happy to see them doing well, in good hands, enjoying their new lives. I'm absolutely certain that when the prologue kicks off the season in two weeks, it'll be a total fucking blast.

The Global Gutz Alleycat is happening on the 16th of June this year. It's easily my favourite alleycat of the year, mostly because it's the kind of straight-up smashfest that appeals to roadie types like me. I've found and lost the facebook group a thousand times, can't find it at the moment, but the meetup is at Flagstaff Gardens at 9.30.

Local legend Shortsie is having an art show! Unfortunately if this is the first you're hearing about it, you've missed the opening, but I really like the guy's art, and you should head down to the exhibition regardless. Check it out here.

In pretty average news, one of the dudes from the Hard-Ons was assaulted the other day, and is in a pretty bad way. Some pretty awesome folks have taken it upon themselves to organize a benefit show, in order to help old mate cover his extensive medical expenses. And freaking Conation are playing! Check out the details here, then get on down there and open your wallets.

Finally, I don't often like to talk about work - although I do like to tell that story about that kid who liked to hump things - but sometimes work issues become so big that they spill into my cycling / blogging / personal life. Such is the case this Thursday, when we go on strike. Now, I love going on strike, but I know it's kind of a big deal, a last resort when no compromise can be reached. I also know that we do it to safeguard the profession, to ensure that this state attracts and keeps the best teachers in the country. I won't bore you with the statistics - you can get all of them here - but I do encourage you to join us on the march from Hisense to Parliament. More information on that here. Last time we went out into the streets one of the union organizers gave me a megaphone. "You know I'm not to be trusted with this," I said. They told me I'd be right. I spent the rest of the day singling out teachers and asking them on dates. It was totally a good time.

Yep, I reckon that's enough for today, folks. 


Spiro said...

awesome to hear you'll be back on the mega-phone for DDCX this season. just wouldn't be cross without your schmack talk!

think of it like your ex giving you a booty-call!

nexus said...

Good to hear, though you obviously never went out with any of the girls I did. Particularly the one that kicked in my bedroom door and tried to stab me.

That sucks about Blackie. Who'd be a cab driver these days?!