Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do You Have Any Idea How Many Songs They Wrote About You?

Lest people start to think it's all bangers and thrash around these parts, today I'm presenting a series of total bummer tunes. Not because I'm depressed or anything - though I appreciated all the concern yesterday, when I called myself a dick all over the internet, I'm totally fine - but rather because I'm quite fond of melancholy, and sometimes a well written dirge can be just as inspiring as a straight up banger. The trouble with bummer tunes, however, is that they don't lend themselves to raving on and on after the song has ended. It's probably better for me not to say anything at all, but rather to let you sit back and click through the songs on your own time, without me steering the ship. Perhaps go look at photos of your former lovers on facebook while you listen, or look up all the places you used to live on google streetview, or find your old livejournal and read about all the crushes you never acted on.

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