Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Meet Every Train.

Hey! Welcome to another Friday Roundup! I'm writing this from school again. The internet connection is good and all the kids have already gone home. The weather looks clear and there's a three day weekend ahead. Things are definitely on the up and up.

And while things are on the up and up, why don't you take advantage of a grave misfortune suffered by the good people of Adelaide. If you set this up in your backyard, I will definitely come over every day. And I'll bring chips.

I've been flying the flag for teachers a bit in the last day and a half, and now I get to fly the flag for cyclists too. Melbourne Bicycle Users Group are organizing a rally to remind the Ballieu government that they need to provide funding aimed at cyclists as well as (or instead of?) motorists. They seem to have forgotten altogether, the silly buggers. There's a rally on the 21st, and you should go. More info here.

After the rally was all done and dusted yesterday I went and had a coffee with my former fiancee, who now lives in Melbourne and teaches at a school in the western suburbs. It was pretty rad, actually. I remembered all the reasons why I wanted to marry her - she's gregarious and funny, endlessly optimistic and independent as all hell - without actually wanting to do so. Similarly, I'm only now starting to get excited about Cyclocross season again. Which is handy, given I'll be rocking the mic at the Prologue next Friday night. Heh heh heh, I have some seriously witty insults in the bank, and can't wait to bust them out. Check out details here, and also check out the sweet pics of an article I wrote about CX for Treadlie here.

Speaking of Treadlie, Editor Faith linked to this cool site on the internet this morning. I have been annoying students with it all day.

And hey, while I remember, here's the facebook page for Global Gutz next weekend.

But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. We still have to make it through the weekend. And it's going to be tough, because CONATION ARE PLAYING!

That'll do for this week New Timers. See you Monday!

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