Thursday, June 21, 2012

Radio, Radio, Sing Me Something I Know.

Whoa! I know, right? It's been two whole weeks! But that's right, it's once again time for another Friday Roundup. Lots of advice about what to do when you're stuck indoors this time around, because I know that I'm sure as hell not going out in this weather.

Ok, ok, maybe I will make one exception. The Melburn-Roobaix is on Sunday! But really, chances are that if you're reading this blog, you already knew that. I'll be down there helping out at the Brunswick Cycling Club tent. FJ will be there trying to sell Masis. And, even though you've just met him, and it is crazy, you should give him your number, then call him Jamesy.

Dirty Deeds (and I) got a sweet write up in CX Magazine the other day, but the presentation sessions really highlighted the need for folks to read this blog post on podium etiquette by friend of The New Timer Monique Hanley. She's one of the good ones, that Monique. I wonder what kind of music she listens to. Maybe I'll see if she wants to do a Music Wednesday. 

Award for best new tumblr of the day goes to When In Melbourne, which rings disturbingly true.

But it's also good to see Liam posting again in his most excellent Swine! Before Pearls blog. This entry about the use of X-Code imagery led me through the internet rabbitwarrens for hours, and is especially pertinent because it uses Sime's logo for Dirty Deeds as an example. This ain't no diss of the logo - I think it's brilliant - but it's always interesting to suggest where inspiration has come from, and if it was deliberate or not.

Ok, so KO is out of town, and Rolly just texted me suggesting that when she's out of town everyone just stays inside and watches DVDs all weekend. Which, incidentally, was already exactly my plan for tonight. To make us seem less dependent, however, both FJ and I will be heading to the FOA pre-Roobaix mixer at 99 Problems on Saturday night. Kicks off around 9.

And after that, some time around 12, we're going to Charltons to do Karaoke. You should definitely come to that. Someone has to save me from myself.

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