Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ok, in light of FJ's incredible obsession with this song, I present to you a series of guilty pop pleasures. Totally more top ten than Music Wednesday usually is, but that might mean more people actually enjoy it.

Fucken Beyonce has so many straight up bangers, it's difficult to narrow it down, but the addition of Jay Z to this one makes it the obvious choice. Me and Tarquin once did this at a karaoke party, and didn't know any of the words other than the "uh-oh" bit, but it still totally went off.

I believe Leith made the mistake of buying this whole record, when everyone knows that with pop songs only the singles matter. Maybe it wasn't a mistake, but him enjoying the shit out of the flawless production, the cluttered beats, the sheer fun of it.

I'm also going to throw this one in, even though it's probably a bit too jazzy to be considered pop. Still, that girl got a hell of a set of lungs. Easily my favourite Xtina phase.

But really, when it comes to flawless pop, it's difficult to go past this:

Or maybe that's just me showing my age again.


Anonymous said...

Was this some cruel trick? Only the damn Jepsen video works!!

Anonymous said...

This was a very good post. More like this plz