Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And I Thought Suicide Was A Suburban Myth.

Welcome to another La Musique Mercredi, which I think I might also begin referring to as Lazy Writing Wednesday.

I was at this show. It was really good:

And now here's the guitar sound that inspired Albini in the first place:

Stepping away from the shredding for a while, here's some shitty footage of one of my favourite all time songs. Sometimes I wish I was more into Coldplay, because all of their videos are fucking impeccable. But then I remember how fucking awful Coldplay are, and I feel a lot better about my choices. As a slightly cycling-related aside, I bet Anthony Tan likes Coldplay. He seems like the kind of guy who would like Coldplay.

Anyway, here's a song about dying, which never seems to happen to the right people.

I reckon in 2002 I quoted this song so many times - to so many different girls in different countries - that I probably should've been paying John K. Samson royalties. This is a pretty nice stripped-back version, which almost allows me to overlook how godawful the Weakerthans have been since Left And Leaving.

And, while we're in a quieter mood:

See you tomorrow.

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