Friday, February 17, 2012

Hold On.

Hold on to your hats, it's time for the Friday Roundup!

Once again, this Sunday I and a bunch of other folks will be down on Birrarung Marr encouraging folks to set a freaking fast time on the rollers, and perhaps even show your friends that you really are better than them. This may be an excellent chance to redeem yourself after you don't win at the St Kilda crits. Check out the details and a rad picture of me and Sam McGregor here, and check out the people who are providing prizes - Northside Wheelers and Creux Velowear.

I will say one thing about the blog - it has attracted a number of comments, and those comments have, for the most part, been considered and well written. This seems to be in direct comments with the rest of the internet, where petty name-calling and kneejerk reactionism is the status quo. Good job, punters.

Long time readers of the blog, however, will understand that for some time the posts were almost solely about how I was sick, and didn't know why. The sickness was stopping me from cycling, which in turn encouraged me to write more. Mostly I turned to the subject at hand, which got pretty grim for a while there. But last night I spent a long time with a Sports Medicine doctor who specializes in fatigue issues. He took a look at my long list of symptoms, checked out all of my blood test results, and made a diagnosis. It wasn't great - I'm looking at about six months worth of rehabilitation - but at least now I know there's a way out of it. And that feels pretty good. As an aside, if anyone wants to come on a fifteen minute bike ride, let me know.

And hey, Saint Cloud are turning two! When they first popped up I was certain the store wouldn't last long, probably because I'm not really their targeted demographic, but in those two years Nick has really made the store an integral part of the community. He's a quiet guy, modest where others bluster, and will help you get your bike going when you're desperate. Plus, he occasionally races on the track! What a mad dog.

And that's it for the week, folks. See you Monday.

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