Monday, February 6, 2012

A Dirty Bomb.

It seems every other cycling blog on the planet has commented on the Contador saga, so I guess I should too. Fortunately for me, the full extent of my reaction to the matter can be summed up like this:


Here's a sweet Milemarker clip to make it all go away.

Furthermore, if anyone out there wants to form a Milemarker-esque band with hilarious lyrics about both competitive and recreational cycling, you should get in touch. I've been trying to make that particular band happen since about 2006, to no avail. Because if there's one thing us uptight cyclist types need, it's some time on the dancefloor.


UrbanRidingTips said...

I have a whole song about bicycle lights. it's kind of a show tune but I could MIlemarker it up as needed. we should definitely talk.

brendan said...