Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll Come To Your House And Punch You In The Mouth.

Welcome to your first ever Friday Roundup, because everyone knows that by Friday afternoon no-one has enough coherent thoughts to maintain a theme throughout an entire post. A blogpost, for fuck's sake! Having not enough attention for a blogpost is like having not enough boogers to blow your nose.

Firstly, though, a little housekeeping. I like it when people argue with each other in the comments section, because I'm a firm believer in the concept of the dialectic (you know, as opposed to the concept of dianetics). But I'm no fan of folks dropping the C bomb. I know, given that the very name of this blog used to have a swear in it, that's a tad hypocritical, but a) I don't care and b) This dislike extends to all gender-based swears. I've left the offending comment up, because I think it made some interesting points, but in future, the same rule will apply to the C-word as applies to sexist, racist, libelous and homophobic comments: not approved. There's a reason why I have to approve comments first, you know.

Second of all, entries for the Ballarat Spokes Madison Festival close on Sunday. I'm not in the habit of spruiking all of Cycling Victoria's events, but the Spokes festival was probably the most fun Open I did all last year. Not everyone gets to do the Madison - if you're just an average guy, heading up to Ballarat and racing your grade will be just as fun. And then you'd get to kick back and watch the Victorian Madison Championships. That would be much more fun than riding them, trust me.

Thirdly, super-rad individual and CV board member Monique Hanley and I must've been watching the same women's scratch race at last week's National Track Champs, because a couple of days later she posted this interesting idea on twitter:

"How to avoid negative racing culture: penalise teams that don't commit to making a race entertaining to watch. If all riders finish = fail."

I did ask her if she wanted to elaborate in a full article, but given she's also a working mother, as well as being on the CV board, as well as occasionally riding her bike herself, she doesn't have the time. Still, it's an intriguing notion. I get angry when a race I'm in is negative - and I get bored when a race I'm watching is negative - but I'm not entirely sure that there should be punitive action in those cases. I'll leave it up to you folks.

Finally, as stated earlier, I'll be offering commentary at the Master's Track Champs on Sunday, so if you're a Masters rider and are keen to have your say, come along (though I'm much less eloquent in person, and will probably respond to any intellectual critique with a profoundly deep shrug of the shoulders). I'd be great to say hi in person.

And that's it from me. Enjoy the weekend, suckers.

Ps. As well as being some seriously noxious shit, the Roundup pictured above is apparently owned by Monsanto, who don't have the most ethical of business practices. Do Not Purchase.


nexus said...

Monsanto does suck, but they do have a great Round Up ad that I saw on country tv over the summer break.

Cam McKenzie said...

If someone wants to race negative, that's their right. It's up to the others to know what to do with them. The real problem with negative racing often lies with riders who think "I'm just going to pull because I've got no chance of winning" or "I'm not going to attach because I'll just get chased down" or "I'll still get second in this sprint". Risk taking and aggression from the other riders stops teams from being able to race negatively. If everyone hangs it all out there trying to win, negative racers will have a hard time succeeding. The idea of penalizing people for their tactics is odd and I can't see how it will work. If anything, it would just stall the development of strategies for dealing with negative riders. Inculcating tactical nous, controlled aggression and risk taking would be great though, and make for exciting racing.

Or to put it another way... go try to sit on at Footscray.

Litespeed said...

B-Grade racing at Heffron Park is as negative as it gets. Let the poor sods get further than 20m off the front before you chase down the move. A-Grade always has better racing for the fact that the allow you to mix it up front for a while before spitting you out the back like the V8 exhaust fumes from your lawnmower...