Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rhetoric And Treason.

Hollaback, it's another Friday Roundup!

First things first, it's FJ's birthday! And Heavy Metal Jono's! And, according to facebook, my friend from highschool Stella Young. She's pretty rad. I see her on TV sometimes. I'm sure she'd be stoked to find she shares a birthday with two such rad metal fans.

Secondly, I think I owe St Kilda Cycling Club an apology. A bit of research has revealed that their prize money allocation is allegedly based on the number of riders in the particular grade, rather than any perceived notions about the quality of the racing or the gender of the participants. So sorry for calling you sexist, St Kilda. I am, however, glad that me shooting off at the mouth resulted in a frank and open discussion about prize money and where it goes. Seems going off half cocked can be beneficial occasionally.

Moving right along, the next three weekends (not including this one) see three of the biggest events on the track racing calendar. Next weekend there's the Melbourne Madison, the weekend after that there's the Bendigo Madison Carnival (which I'm aiming for this year... ahahahahaha!), and then the Austral the weekend after that. See the Cycling Victoria website for more information on all three. All of these events are benefiting from the quickly approaching UCI world track champs, in that a whole bunch of impressive track racers are in town and looking for events to warm them up. Rocking up will mean you get to see some of the best track cyclists in the world. That rules!

And finally, here's some rad pictures of Australian Cycling in the early 1900s. Check out some folks who are way harder than you will ever be.

Enjoy the weekend!

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