Monday, February 27, 2012

There's No Greater Meaning.

Here's an annotated list of things I don't care about:

GreenEDGE Pro Cycling Team

I suppose my lack of interest is due to a strain of anti-patriotism that is particularly strong in me, but I also think everyone else's extreme interest is mostly due to confirmation bias. Folks who are predicting that GreenEDGE will be ridiculously successful in their first year have simply been reading too much Australian media, and probably have tattoos of the boxing kangaroo. Give the team time to develop and they'll go alright, but probably not in 2012.

Also, I'm fundamentally opposed to teams / bands / political philosophies that have stupid spelling and/or punctuation in their titles.

The Grading In Club Races.

Yep, I really don't care, so please stop complaining to me about how some really good kid smashed everyone in C grade last week, and how he should be in A grade because he won a junior time trial last year. For the most part, handicappers do a really good job. Some times they stuff it up though, and that's when people notice. Just like football umpires, I guess.

Here's the thing though. Sometimes racing is hard. Sometimes you don't win because someone way better than you smashes it off the front, and you spend your whole day chewing bar tape in hot pursuit. If you're in C grade, you can relax, because you know that he probably won't be racing in C grade again next week. If you're in A grade and someone way better than you smashes it off the front, however, you're fucked.

Rivalry Between Clubs.

Sometimes I make fun of Northcote having no members, or Caulfield-Carnegie yelling at you, or St Kilda not being interested in races that last longer than an hour, or Italo having an entry requirement that states you must be a) incredibly handsome and b) a handy bike rider. But none of it means anything at all. No one cares what club you're from, and unless you wear your club's jersey, they probably wouldn't even know. There is no real animosity between clubs.

The Tattoo You're Going To Get.

Ok, so this is personal. Unless it's bona-fide fucking hilarious, like a monkey fighting a souvlaki, I don't care. And even if it is a monkey fighting a souvlaki, you'd probably be better off just showing me, rather than sharing your ideas before they become reality.

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Jared said...

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of an A grade Brunswick member fighting the one and only Northcote C grade member over a GreenEDGE jersey.