Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anxiety And Fear.

That's right, it's time for the Friday Roundup!

Man, it's like someone heard me complaining that there wasn't much going on, and decided to up the ante. Check all of this out!

Firstly, Sunday is the first ever Dirty Grand Fondo. I don't know what those words mean when they're all put together like that, but word on the street has it that some pretty serious racer types are heading out to the middle of nowhere in order to ride about 100kms of dirt roads. That sounds like fun. I'm pretty sure that you should've entered ages ago, but given that FJ just pulled out, they should have an extra spot for you. Check it out here.

And while we're on the topic of huge bunch rides that actually sound like a lot of fun - you know, as opposed to the North Road Ride - folks should definitely check out the Dirty Dozen ride being organized by The Climbing Cyclist. 12 nasty hills in one day? That's something I can get behind.

Two quick things about my favourite topic now. The good people at Neverstop Pedalling have been giving me t-shirts for a while now (in exchange for lolz, mostly), and I took my bike over there a while back so Rolly could take some photos of it. You can check out the photos here, then click on some of those links in order to arrive back at this blog. Circle Jerk!

The Revenge of the Nerds slide night is also fast approaching. I'll be there speaking about bike nerds and my journey to become one. It's been a hard road, full of shaving cuts and nutritional deficiencies, and I guarantee that the story will be equally as bloody and hilarious. I'm also doing some photo shoot to promote it with the Herald-Sun*. That's two Murdoch papers in two weeks. I bet by now my phone has been tapped. They asked me if I could wear all my lycra. I was astounded. "It's a bike photo shoot," I said, "What else would I wear?"

And, finally, Tara Jayne will be back in town for one night only, so her band Shit Weather can play a show at the Gaso. You should come. Check out the details here.

That's it for this week! See you out there!

*I've learnt the hard way not to tell anyone you're going to be in the media until it actually appears (my poor ma stayed up well past her bedtime the other night to watch Lateline, only to find I'd been bumped... thanks, Hamish!), so there's a possibility nothing will come of this. Perhaps check it out in a cafe before purchasing a copy. It's alright, no one else will be reading the Herald-Sun at the cafes you frequent anyways.

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