Thursday, May 24, 2012

Listen For The Victories.

Hello there. It's once again time for another Friday Roundup. Again, I actually have some real-life events to write about this week, so check it out.

The first is that the Metro Champs are on this weekend. Want to see who the fastest guy on a bike in the whole city is? Go check it out. I remember the year Cuz Bro won it. He was last seen attempting to ride away from the cops after a heavy session at Revolver, possibly still pinging after his victory.

The day after that - on the Sunday - there's the Northern Combine Teams Race at Calder Park. This is one of the best Combine races of the year, and to further increase the radness, I'll be doing the commentary for the main race AND the E Grade / Noobs race immediately afterwards. The only hitch here is that if it rains, Calder is unsuitable for racing, so check Twitter and/or Facebook before you jump in your car, because it may be cancelled. Although I guess you could head out there and look for Axl Rose's sanity, rumoured to have been lost there when Gunners toured in 1993.

This is the final time I'm going to plug this, but Wednesday night is the Emerging Writer's Festival Nerd Night. I met some of the other Nerds on Friday night and let me tell you this: I am punching way out of my weight division here. These Nerds are bonafide, whereas I'm kind of a Jock who happens to love a Nerdy sport. In my talk I plan to make fun of them all. Should be rad.

When I've spoken about death lately it's largely as a metaphor, in the 'death of an era' kind of way, or at the least is in the not too recent past tense. FJ, on the other hand, is dealing with a more literal, immediate kind, and is writing really well about it. The best thing about writing about death is the hope that shines through, the emphasis on the end never mattering, and FJ has nailed that. Check it out on his personal blog here.

And, while we're on the topic of things coming to an end, here's a link to the info for True Radical Miracle's last show. I'm going to be fucking bummed that it's finally over, if for no other reason than I think those folks in the band are all most excellent individuals. You should come. I'll be there. Oh, and just quietly, that lineup is fucking incredible. On form, Flesh Vs Venom were one of the best bands I've ever seen, Useless Children blow me away every time, and Straightjacket Nation are an institution for a reason. Will. Be. Rad.

That's it for today! Have a good weekend!

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Keir said...

You just got a mention on Red Symons show re Nerdfest!