Monday, May 14, 2012

We Can't See.

Things are pretty grim here at Heavy Metal Mondays.

People dying always sucks.  It sucks even more when I can't ride my bike to gain what people like to call 'perspective'.

People who exercise every day often forget to what degree they come to rely on that physical facet of their life to level out and shape their mood, and even outlook on life.  When not exercising is coupled with a moment in time that is horrible, the effect is almost crippling.

There's nothing wrong with being sad.  It's important.  But, when you don't have five hour bike rides to numb you, you need music to do the same job.

Some people, when they're sad, are ok listening to melancholy music.  Some people really dig the Smiths.  Those people are crazy.  Bands like Jawbreaker have been popular around these parts lately.  That's ok.  But it doesn't cut it for me.

When I'm sad, I need sonic landscapes that are as bleak as they get.  Music that is so mind numbingly depressing that it make your world change colour.

By facing up to it, you eventually come good and, before you know, you're listening to Iron Maiden again.

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