Thursday, May 10, 2012

He Promised Her Everything. But Never Had To Deliver.

Man, I was so tired today. Not overtraining tired again - don't worry about that. Just lack of sleep tired. And with the tired comes the grumpy. Oh man, I was so grumpy earlier. I lay on the couch at work - where generations of 14 year old boys have farted silently - and just moped about the totally depressing blog post I was going to write. You may note that I stuck with the title, but that's possibly because as well as being a massive bummer, it's from one of the best songs ever written, Billiard Player Song.

So, things were bad. My boss has been absent from work a little bit lately, which means that I'm pretty much in charge, and the buck stopping with me wasn't ever one of my career objectives. It's hard work. And then I was supposed to go out riding with Teagan, but she's in the midst of thesis hell at the moment, so she cancelled on me. I had an hour and a half to do - the longest ride I've done since January - and was a bit worried about how I'd handle it.

So I was totally sulky and listening to Shellac and just getting in a worse and worse mood. Like Gerro says, however, when you're not feeling motivated to train, all you need to do is put on your shoes. Once they're on, everything else follows.

I didn't stop at my shoes, of course. I kitted up. Again, for the first time since January. I filled my pockets with pump and food and phone and wallet and keys, applied chamois creme, strapped on the heart rate monitor. By the time I clipped in things were looking up.

I rolled up High St and on to Cheddar Road. I'd been worried about my cadence dropping, but found myself spinning at 100rpm without too much trouble. The sun was out and the traffic was benign. I turned off into the Western Ring Road bike path and took a photo. Things were pretty good.

Eventually I headed back into town along Sydney road. Traffic there wasn't great, and to avoid being harassed for going too slowly I dropped the hammer a little. It felt pretty damn good. A light in front of me turned orange and I sprinted for it. That felt pretty damn good too.

So by the time I got home, my bad mood was gone.

That's right.

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Gink_04 said...

next time you need a buddy just call me..

but to make things fair i'll ride the bmx