Friday, May 4, 2012

You Fall In Love. You Speak Too Soon. You Ruin Everything.

Alright, Friday Roundup time! And folks, I have next to nothing for you today. You know how last week I mentioned that there weren't as many events going on, that winter was coming and that everyone was battening down the hatches, preparing to hibernate until spring? Yeah, well, it's happening.

One of the best things to do in the wintertime, when you're not spending as much time actually riding your bike, is to get fitted out. And my mate Dr Dom hit me up today, reminding me that he is one of the best bike fit gurus out there. He's sold up his old shop in High St, however, and is now taking clients on an appointment basis. If you're looking to buy a new fancy bike, if you think you could be more efficient on the bike, or if you think your bike isn't quite handling the way it should be, you should hit hip up on You won't regret it.

The other interesting thing I heard that's even vaguely bike related is that Pony Bikes now has an espresso machine. Given that Sasha Pony Bikes used to be a barista at A Minor Place, I can safely recommend both the quality of the work done in the workshop, and the coffee. Good times!

The trouble with not having much to round up is that you start asking other people about it, and then one thing leads to another, and before you know it you're taking fake fyxomatosis photos, and saying things like, "Arch your back, Andrew!" or "Just stand on your tippytoes a little, sweetheart," or, my personal favourite, "Pout! Dammit Blakey, pout!"

This was the most appropriate shot. I deleted all of the rest. For humanity's sake.

If this strikes you as a good idea, you can follow me on Instagram (xthenewtimerx), and/or just submit your own photos with the #fakefyxoshots hashtag. Twitter is also ok, and I go by the same name there. I'm not interested in cut-price representations of the real thing, however. There has to be an element of messing with the program. Either by gender bending, like Mr Ambiguity above, or by using a total beater bike, or by wearing your worst commuter attire and posing out on your hybrid like a supermodel. It all works for me. And perhaps I'll get Mr White himself to be the judge - with a bit of peer pressure I'm sure he'll even kick in some prizes. Will be rad.

And that's the roundup for today! A competition! Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Speak too soon? Ruin everything? Unlikely, I'd say.

emzsjn said...

You know what time it is Bailey..time to hit the gym and do some weights!!