Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Stole All Of My Songs.

Earlier this term Deb was getting rid of a whole bunch of records, and I put my hand up. Actual records, not just CDs that I call records for slang and hipster points. Billy Bragg, The Violent Femmes, a whole bunch of country and jazz, it all went into the bag. I hadn't seen her for a while, and it was good to catch up, but it was even better to hear her reminisce about these records, where she had bought them, when she had first heard of them, how she felt about them now. She's a little older than me, so had a different perspective on music - one I really liked hearing about. So when she popped up on Facebook tonight I figured it would be worth asking her to do a guest post, even though she'd never read the blog before. She agreed, so here goes.

One of the original rock chicks. Hey I was her back then. Loved her. Wanted to be her. Was her in my 14 year old way. Saw her at the Corner in  the 80s. Came on with her back to the audience & asked “You all wanna go to Devil Gate Drive? Yeah? Well come on”
Love that bass man.

Rancheros just make me sooo happy.  They remind me of a night in Mexico DF: mariachi, tequila and men in pants with silver toggles hanging off the side.

Ok, It’s the Seekers but I love this song, good for my life at the moment, especially the line “If I never see you face again then it’s all the same to me” Good little riff.

Whilst I’m not a huge Enya fan, we sing this song in the Vic Trade Union Choir & it’s one of my favourites. I want it sung at my funeral. “How can I keep from singing?”

A song that always makes me sing out loud! Apparently one of the Violent Femmes lives in Tassie.

Stirring number this one. Gotta love a woman with a big voice!

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