Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She's Gonna Get Her A Skirt.

I'm running late again. Well, I sort of am. I'm racing track tonight, and senior racing doesn't really start until 7.30. Most folks get there around 7, talk shit for a bit, do the warm up, tinker with their bikes a bit, then race. Me, well, I like to get there early. Roll in as the juniors are still racing, keep an eye on them. Clean up my bike, make sure everything is ok with it. Hang up my tool bag, claim two chairs - one for me, one for my feet. Pump up tyres, wipe them down, put the warmup gear on. Bike mechanicals happen before getting changed - it's all about minimizing the time in lycra. Once the bike is right it's time to go get changed. Have a quick look on the table to see if anyone else has signed up yet - if they have, that's cool, get a number. But if they haven't, wait til after the warmup. You want to be number 1 at the end of the race, not the start.

Go get changed - I'm not going to gross anyone out with the details here. Get back to the bike and go on the rollers until warm up. No efforts here, just ticking the legs over. When the last junior race is up, get off the rollers and ride real easy around the warmup area down the other end of the track. When the race ends head out on the track. Wipe tyres down as you roll onto the concrete. Roll around easy, then turn it up a little, then turn it up a little more. A couple of laps fast. Then roll off for a little bit. When you roll back on, head up to the top of the track for an entry. Keep rolling around til enough of a gap appears, then hit it. That should get the systems activated.

Roll off the track. Hang up bike, put shoes back on. Check phone. Look around to see which other folks in your grade have turned up, and adjust gear accordingly. Best not to leave the warmup gear on. Go have a nervous wizz. Come back and get back on the rollers. Do a couple of five second sprint efforts - no more than five. Then tick the legs over until the grade before you is up. When their race rolls out, head down to the warm up area and roll around. Chat to the other folks in your grade. Check who is there. When you get the call from the commissaire, line up, and pay attention to what wheel you want. The race starts here. If you don't get the wheel you want from the fence, be prepared to bully your way onto it once the commissaire gives their orders.

And now you're racing.


Spiro said...

is this why i keep getting #1...

Jear said...

So friends, if you see brendan bullying you it means you've got the hot wheel so don't let it go!