Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Chaosphere. The Astral Mind. The Horned Goat.

This post is not endorsed by xBrendan Baileyx.  

Heavy Metal Monday headquarters has recovered from the pop hits of the past few weeks.  Instead, I've been entirely focusing on stoner doom for the past few days.  Being a cyclist, and having a penchant for music that romanticises intense psychedelic entrapment/rapture, can be troublesome.  I don't smoke, never have.  My brief experiments with hallucinogens resulted in me laughing hysterically at Ace Ventura Pet Detective II, collapsing on the floor as what appeared to be the Astral Mind closed in on my consciousness.  I should stress I saw the physical form of the Astral Mind.

Don't ask.

Anyway.  Being a largely sober kinda guy (penchant for occasional violent bursts of binging notwithstanding) does appear to be at odds with music that is surrounded in proverbial and often literal dope smoke.  But there's something so incredibly, I don't know, heavy, about this music.  There's no speed, barely any technicality, and often no lyrics.  

It's just yourself and the riff (and occasionally the Astral Mind).

The music is hypnotic and it does indeed pull you into a different world.  Time slows down, small things seem more profound, and the desire to go outside halves.  

"Drop out of life, bong in hand.  Enter the world of the riff filled land."


"Get outta my face motherfucka!"

Satan Worshipping Doom..the cosmic door awaits.

Within the smoke...lies the truth

Await the Sabbath

If you have an hour....enter the Realm.

I do not endorse recreational psychedelia.  Unless you think it will be fun.  If you think you are having problems with how you view the world, due to the music above, please refer to Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bane, and Youth of Today.

They'll set you down the righteous path.  But for those that want to just drop out, the above, is for you.

Enter the Chaosphere.


Anonymous said...

blaze the lord

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blaze the lord