Thursday, August 30, 2012

Set Your Flag On Fire.

Welcome to another Friday Roundup. Before I get too far into this one, I have something to confess. Last week I banged on and on about finally getting to see Premium Rush, but like most of my predictions, I was wrong. All illegal downloads seem to be flawed or password protected. If anyone out there wants to provide me with links, burnt copies or even full USBs, well, that's my email address listed under "Contact".

A couple of non-cycling things first off. If you happen to be wandering through the city at any point in the next few days, you should totally stop by the CFMEU picket and offer your support to the workers holding the line. Sure, unions are flawed institutions, and are never quite as revolutionary as you want them to be, but it's workers' rights by any means, folks. And if you're still wandering around on Wednesday, come say hi to me on the steps of Parliament House. I'll be the teacher wearing red.

Next up is my friend Adam's movie blog, Reel Important. He's got good taste in movies, is funny, and is very local. I'm always stoked to read about what he's been watching, even if I'm never going to get around to watching any of the movies mentioned. You've seen what it was like when I tried to watch Premium Rush.

Ok, I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again, because it's not this Saturday but the next... The Captain Planet Alleycat! I'm kinda keen to ride it, especially now that my bike once again reflects more innocent times. For those of you without Facebook, rego kicks off at 3pm at Edi Gardens on the 8th.

You know, speaking of folks I only know on the internet, some folks I know started this game up, and I initially thought it was totally dorky. But as the game wore on and folks started getting more and more into it, they kept revealing cool little parts of the city that I'd either forgotten, ignored, or wasn't aware of. And that's pretty rad. I reckon as the weather gets warmer the competition will also heat up, so you should totally just quit work and concentrate on bike tag.

And finally, more details have finally come out about this. These are exciting times, folks. Check it out.

And that's about it for this Friday, the last day of Winter. There's sunshine coming this weekend and I'm already making plans for summer. It's a good time to be alive.

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